Ripley Nazarene Mission Family Resource Center

The Ripley Nazarene Mission Family Resource Center serves families in Jackson County, WV, with resources to nurture healthy, thriving, children.

The primary Ministry of the Nazarene Mission Family Resource Center is our Baby Pantry which serves families of infants and toddlers with basic care items such as diapers, diaper wipes, formula, clothing, car seats, and pack n plays. We meet diaper needs in our community by permitting families with young children to receive diapers throughout the year. There are no income requirements to receive services, except for new car seats and new pack n plays which are $10.00 each. The cost helps offset future families’ cost.

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Thank you, Arianna!

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Latest Fundraising Efforts!

Our Summer 2020 giving campaign supports children in our community with car seats and booster seats. We raised $180 along with an in-kind donation of a convertible car seat and 2 youth booster seats!

Thank you again to Waybright Funeral Home, Mike McGrew State Farm Insurance, Mrs. Houben, and Ms. Arianna for your support!

Thank you for your support! We purchased several cases of diapers and wipes that are continuing to bring dignity little ones and their families in our community.

RNM Baby Pantry is a member of the National Diaper Bank Network which focuses its efforts on assisting families with disposable diapers free of cost to them. Our goal is to end diaper need in our community. No family should have to choose between diapers and dinner or diapers and doctor visits.